Anti-Grain Geometry

Anti-Grain Geometry (known as AGG) is a very powerful, low-level graphics library, developed by Maxim Shemanarev. It is used throughout Creative Docs .NET. Every pixel is drawn by AGG, using its high quality anti-aliasing technique. Anti-aliasing produces a very smooth output.

AGG Anti-Grain Geometry

AntiGrain Geometry C# Wrapper

For the enthusiast .NET programmers, we have released the source code of the higher-level wrapper classes used by Creative Docs .NET. The ZIP file contains version 1.5 of the Epsitec.Common.Drawing namespace, released on 23 December 2005. It provides a set of classes which talk to AGG's rasterizer, different renderers, pixmap, and path objects; it also provides basic support to work with OpenType fonts. There is no documentation, support or warranty.

Download Epsitec.Common.Drawing source code...

General Polygon Clipper

The Boolean operations (union, intersection, exclusion and difference of Bezier curves) are computed thanks to GPC, Alan Murta's General Polygon Clipper library. The hatched surface property also relies on GPC to compute the exact path which is then fed to AGG.