More about .NET

Creative Docs .NET is written on top of .NET, hence its name.

Microsoft .NET Framework Logo.NET is just a shorthand for the Microsoft .NET Framework. Basically, it provides the developer with a higher-level abstraction of the memory and CPU (through a virtual machine), thus simplifying the development (no more need to track memory allocations to make sure all memory gets freed) and reducing dramatically the risk of writing faulty software (safe code, lots of run-time checks).

We chose C# as the main development language for Creative Docs .NET, which is a language taking its roots in both C++ and Java.

Originally, Creative Docs .NET used version 1.1 of the .NET Framework. The current 2.x versions of Creative Docs .NET use version 2.0 of .NET, although good parts of the code use C# 3.0 constructs. Fortunately, the compiler can target the 2.0 version of the framework, nonetheless.